For Our Parents


Payments can be made by cash or cheque made payable to Skole School.

School Readiness

Carefully designed by our educators to support all of your baby’s exciting.

School Brochure

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Parking Directions

Directions and Parking
for Skole School.
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Great Place for Babies

You want to know your child is safe and well cared for.
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Opening Hours

The school office is open to parents from 8:30am to 4:00pm every school day.
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Child Care List

Carefully designed by our educators to support all of your baby’s exciting.
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Reporting Absence

Any absence without reason will be marked as un-authorised.

To Parent/Guardian


  1. Self discipline is the forte of the school.
  2. The school begins at for the students. All students are expected to reach school before the bell rings. After the school gates will be closed.
  3. All communication should be addressed to the principal.
  4. Ensure that your children attend school punctually, regular and are disciplined in their academic work and progress. Cleanliness and hygiene is maintained.
  5. Students should observe polite, civil behaviour.
  6. The medium of instruction and communication is English in the school campus.
  7. Check the assignment books and diary daily.
  8. Note the teachers remark or any other details mentioned in the school diary and acknowledge the same.
  9. Take interest in the activities of the school.
  10. Parents are not permitted to meet the teachers during class hours. The principal may be contacted in case of emergency.
  11. Parents are refrained from availing the services of the school teachers for their child’s private tuition.
  12. The school does not take responsibility for students who arrive or depart before or after the school hours except when prior intimation has been sent to the parent by the school authorities.
  1. In case of damage of any school property due to carelessness or negligence of any students or parents of the student concerned will have to bear the cost of replacement of equipment or property so damaged.
  2. Insubordination to any member of the staff inside or outside the school is not permissible.
  3. Parents should conduct themselves with decorum and if there is a legitimate complaint, meet the principal.
  4. The school is not responsible for any loss of loss student’s belongings in the premises.
  1. Students should not leave the premises during the school working hours.
  2. The rules and regulations as stated in the diary and the practices adopted by the school are subject to change without prior notice or intimation. The decision of the Management shall be final and binding in all matters.
  3. Requisition letters have to be submitted to the office well in advance. Five working days are required to address the request.
  4. Requisition letters signed by parents ONLY will be accepted.